About Us

TAFE Queensland Brisbane offers progressive, high quality education in a variety of disciplines. Vocational courses at TAFE Queensland prepare graduates for the workplace, but the programs also provide pathways to university for those who wish to convert their credits and pursue their higher education.

TAFE Queensland delivers courses that are led by industry-current teachers, on a state-of-the-art training campus. Our courses are hands-on and equip students with the practical skills they need when they graduate. Our connections with businesses and universities far and wide ensure students make the best contacts possible during their time with us and are prepared for the industry.

We offer a wide range of courses to fulfil everyone’s dream career through flexible career options. Students can choose among more than 100 different courses in areas including civil engineering, business, nursing, children’s services and IT.

TAFE Queensland is a popular destination for international students due to the quality of its academic teaching as well as its relevant industry training. Located at the heard of Brisbane’s cultural quarters and close to the business district, TAFE Queensland offers an ideal study environment in proximity of the best cultural facilities.