Study the Diploma of Nursing at TAFE Queensland Brisbane

"TAFE Queensland’s teachers really encouraged me to be the best nurse possible and prepared students for the industry with as much visual and hands on teaching as possible. I believe I will enjoy this field of health care because you need to have critical thinking skills, be great at problem solving and be someone who can think on the spot."

Kimberly Banks, Diploma of Nursing

TAFE Queensland is a leading education provider in Queensland and one of its strongest teaching areas is health. Our vocational courses truly prepare students to the real world, with a simulated clinical ward filled with state-of-the-art equipment for all to train. Students at TAFE Queensland maximise their skills with clinical placements, which provide a unique opportunity to put their knowledge into practice.

    Excellent opportunity to study in Brisbane

The Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled-division 2 nursing) provided at TAFE Queensland is vocational and provides a high level of hands-on, practical training to make sure graduates are ready to work as a nurse. Employers recognise and value the quality of our courses.

Many move to Brisbane to work and study each year, attracted by the employment opportunities and quality education Australia offers. With a Diploma of Nursing you will be assured to start a successful career working and to make a positive difference in society.

    Achieve your dream career in nursing

This is the perfect course for you if you enjoy caring for people and working directly with them. Professional nurses work in a variety of health-care organisations and community settings, with many specialties to choose from. This nursing qualification opens up excellent opportunities and nurse practitioners are always in demand.

The program is designed by the nursing professions to train and prepare tomorrow’s health professionals and prepare them for employment. The course also helps those already employed in the industry to achieve personal and professional development.

    Work with people, become a nurse

On the Diploma of Nursing, you will develop the following skills and learn to: implement nursing care, implement and evaluate nursing care plans, work with a variety of patients, co-workers and communities, monitor medical and surgical patients, comply with procedures, etc. Graduates can find employment as an Enrolled Nurse, or Registered Nurse (which requires further qualifications).

For those who may want to pursue their studies, TAFE Queensland offers a pathway to university program which enables graduates to use their credits towards a degree at a local university. Options to study at university include:

    Options to study at university include:
  • Bachelor of Nursing (ACU National) 4 semesters
  • Bachelor of Nursing (GU) 4 semesters
  • Bachelor of Nursing (QUT) 4 semesters
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (USC) 4 semesters
  • Bachelor of Nursing (USQ) 4 semesters